Interbruk - reliability at reasonable prices


We offer reliable, high-quality translations for the following language pairs:

  • Finnish to Russian
  • Russian to Finnish
  • English to Russian

We can provide authorized (official) translations for the following language pairs:

  • Finnish to Russian
  • Russian to Finnish

Texts for authorized translation include official public documents for authorities or judicial purposes. Typical of the documents requiring authorized translations are: extracts from the Trade and Population Registers, educational certificates, passport copies, articles of association, tax statements, letters of proxy, minutes of company meetings, etc.
An authorized translation is juridically equivalent to the original document.

Our translations are always finished with meticulous care. We ensure this by having every translation dealt with by at least two translators.

We also have a network of collaborators and sub-contractors, from whom we can when necessary obtain efficient assistance with assignments that are either large or require knowledge of extensive or special field terminologies. 

Our fields of expertise include 

  • tourism
  • the energy industry
  • food menus
  • articles
  • correspondence
  • reports
  • agreements
  • general documents
  • advertisements
  • instructions for use
  • Internet pages

Proof-reading and language checking
Proof-reading is an important part of the translation process. The proof-reading of our translations is always done by a native speaker of the target language. 
If required, we can also carry out proof-reading and language checking of translations performed by third parties. This includes:

  • checking that the language is correct
  • ensuring that the style of text is clear and accurate